Custom Publishing Services

Wound Central is brought to you by the JWC. This project is an example of custom publishing services offered by JWC.

JWC is part of a media communications company specialising in connecting specialist audiences with critical information. Often JWC will embark on projects to disseminate complex information in an accessible current format.

Examples of these projects are attached below:

JWC will handle all of the following as part of a project:
  1. Author liaison
  2. Medical writing
  3. Author payment
  4. Layout
  5. Design and studio time
  6. Medline listing
  7. Reprints and personal client copies
  8. Print and production
  9. Publication in JWC and/or Wound Central.

To find out how JWC can help you communicate through custom publishing services please get in touch with Anthony Kerr on +44(0)20 7501 6726 or