About the Journal of Wound Care

Journal of Wound Care (JWC) is the definitive wound-care journal and the leading source of up-to-date research and clinical information on everything related to tissue viability. The journal was first launched in 1992 and caters to the needs of the multidisciplinary team. Published monthly, the journal’s international audience includes nurses, doctors and researchers specialising in wound management and tissue viability, as well as generalists wishing to enhance their practice.

JWC is the official journal of the World Union of Wound Care Societies (WUWHS) it is also the media partner of the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) and affiliated to over 40 other associations, societies and charities. In the United States JWC is affiliated with AAWC, NPUAP and APWH giving unrivaled access to the global wound care community.

JWC is the only monthly, international, Medline listed, impact factor journal available.

In addition to cutting edge and state-of-the-art research and practice articles, JWC also covers topics related to wound-care management, education and novel therapies, as well as JWC supplements, including dedicated bespoke educational supplements which support therapies, treatment options, scientific advances and medical evidence. These are hugely popular on a global scale. All articles are rigorously peer-reviewed by a panel of international experts, comprised of clinicians and researchers.

Specifically, JWC publishes:

  • High-quality evidence on all aspects of wound care, including leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, the diabetic foot, burns, surgical wounds, wound infection and more
  • The latest developments and innovations in wound care through both preclinical and preliminary clinical trials of potential new treatments worldwide
  • In-depth prospective studies of new treatment applications, as well as high-level research evidence on existing treatments
  • Clinical case studies providing information on how to deal with complex wounds
  • Comprehensive literature reviews on current concepts and practice, including cost-effectiveness
  • Updates on the activities of wound care societies around the world.

JWC is a global media platform for the dissemination of research and practice in the following additional mediums:

  • Events such as Wound Expo, The International Skin Integrity and Infection Prevention Conference and The JWC future of Tissue Viability event.
  • Intimate events such as round tables, focus groups and workshops
  • Position documents for the EWMA
  • Daily newspapers at key events in the calendar
  • Bespoke supplements and guides to therapies, practice and products
  • Directory publishing of wound care products
  • The JWC awards an annual celebration of research and practice