Medical Education

One of the services offered by the JWC is to conduct non-randomised trials on behalf of clients. Attached is a series of evaluations we have produced for a client with a new product, which led to the publication of a solid evidence-base. The key findings are summarized in the Word document.

We can handle all aspects of the research and publication processes:

  • Protocol design
  • Recruitment of investigators
  • Commissioning authors
  • Payment of authors
  • Data analysis
  • Medical writing
  • Editing
  • Peer review
  • Layout and design
  • Publication in Medline-listed impact factor journals.

For this client, the benefits included not only the development of a rigorous evidence base, but also new customers and advocates — as the clinicians involved in the evaluations wanted to keep on using the product and evaluate it further. We used our portfolio of journals to target specific customer groups at the right time in the product’s market development. We took a top-down approach, establishing the product with key influencers through JWC and then educating the huge community workforce through other Journals. As this work has been ongoing, raising awareness about and familiarity with this product among readers, this has led to other opportunities for the client, such as educational events showcasing the product and development of new advocates willing to trail the product.

The costs involved are based on application as the work can be very varied. The price is competitive and a main advantage is time: we are able to react quickly to find the right investigators and authors, and as we are the publishers, we can ensure these studies jump the publication queue.

For further information on medical education projects please contact Anthony Kerr on +44(0)20 7501 6726 or